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engage your users, step by step

01 - track

Place our tag on your website

It's a safe plug & play setup. We deliver you a tag

which you place on your website

  • using first party cookies

  • integrated with your cookie consent

  • identified user tracking, you see the persons behind the numbers

  • you get full ownership of raw data which you can use for other purposes & integrations within your organization

02 - score

Check segments on their engagement score in your private dashboard

  • engagement-scoring of individuals, segments & channels

  • no sampling of data. Every analysis is executed on the full dataset, no extrapolations based on smaller samples.

  • churn & acquisition heatmap

  • every detected segment covers an addressable selection

  • synchronization with your existing inhouse software (CRM, CDP, BI, ...) in order to activate the useful segments

03 - personalize

Personalize the messages in real time to your users 

  • connect the discovered segments to the next-best-action  in your customer journey

  • 1-2-1 messaging in your preferred channel (real time)

  • continuous processing of data & engagement scores

  • raw data & scores can be integrated with your existing company software


engagement scoring in 60 seconds

The engagement metric show in the dashboard is based on the R-F-V model. 'R' stands for recency (when was the last visit of your customer), "F" for frequency (how often do you see your customer) and "V" for value (what value generates your customer). It's a bestpractice in retail, e-commerce, publishing and other markets with high volume audiences. It offers a longer term insight than most analytical metrics and combines the long term value of a customer with his usage pattern. It fills the blind spots of existing metrics and offers unexpected benchmarks. Most of all, it creates new dimensions on existing segments, p.e. if a regular customer who spends 10 euros per visit is of another value than a single customer who spends 100 euros. Or if a churning customer with low engagement matters less than a churning customer with high added value. Or if a high engaged prospect needs a quicker acquisition with a differentiated offering. Etc. In that way, an engagement score is the most actionnable metric which bridges the gap between the analytics and the action. Learn from our usecases and contact us to challenge your ambitions.

identified user tracking

first party data & full ownership of raw data

engagement score per user, per segment, per product, per channel

one-to-one personalization in real time

Why it isn't like Google Analytics

We start where GA stops

01 identified

Check the users behind the numbers. Drag them into a selection that's in real time addressable for activation. We see the best returns on personalizatoins when real time activations are presented at the right place to the right person.  The user data which is captured is based on first party cookies. There's no sharing with external parties, the data is stored on European servers under your control. In the analysis, there is no sampling or extrapolation. After each number, there is a real adressable person.

03 connected

All the captured data is processed to be viewed in reports and dashboard ... but also to be connected with your internal entreprise software. Segments and scoring can be made available in your CRM/CDP or other martech tooling. The raw data is also at your disposal for deeper analysis (without sampling) in your familiar BI tooling. This behavioral user data is also well suited as input for machine learning models.

02 benchmarks

24/7 Support

Engagement scoring offers you additional insights on top of regular scoring. Regular segments based on scoring show engagement of the user with a type of content or tool. Our engagement scoring is more multi dimensional. It reflects an overall engagement based on how frequent the user visits, how much content they consume and how long ago they had their last session. This engagement score allows you to look at your users from an additional angle which will result in additional insights.

04 actionnable

Behind every selection you see in the dashboard, there is an addressable audience. The engagement metric offers you the opportunity to turn a customer journey into a customer life cycle. Every segment can be pushed to your CRM and can be addressed in real time with the Next-Best-Action that your strategy roadmap foresees. Real time personalization based on real time data. 


Why it isn't like your Hubspot (or other martech)

  • The engagment score is input for your CRM or CDP. The setup consists of bi-directional data streams from/to your martecht tooling.

  • Real time activations like:

    • 1-to-1 messaging (vs. segment messaging)

    • inbound lead qualification (nurturing slow lanes, prioritizing fast lanes, …)

    • optimizing unsold inventory (advertisements, seating, …)

    • real time recommendations (content, advertisement, promotions, …)

    • fair usage monitoring (fingerprint analysis in order to measure activity per account)

    • inbound call center reduction (call avoidance towards call centers with real time FAQ personalization)

    • churn management (real time retention promotions for risk-zoned customers)


Ask for more context from our clients. None of the above activations were possible with the existing (although high end) tooling of our clients. Investdata rides the last mile & fills the gaps in the architecture in order to increase engagement & to make happen real personalization.

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