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privately owned tracker (subscription)

  • We setup your own data pipeline to capture the behaviour of users on your channels

  • Integrated with your Consent Management Platform

  • You have full ownership of the raw data

  • Centralization of all identified data streams in datalake

  • Enrich and link with other corporate data

  • Segmentation based on real time behavior

  • Personalize the user experience based on the behaviour

  • Feed your internal platforms with identified user data

  • Integrate with your martech tools through API's

  • Monitor your KPI's

starting from € 1.550 / month (excl. VAT)


(2 month trial)

  • We connect your channels to an Investdata data pipeline to capture the behaviour of users on your channels

  • 2 month data captation

  • Analysis of one internal use case

  • Management presentation

  • No loss of data when converting to a privately owned tracker

950 € fix (excl. VAT)


personalization audit

  • Use case (inventory & prioritization)

  • Architectural screening

  • Roadmap for personalization based on your use cases

  • Certified by "KMO portefeuille Vlaanderen"

  • Ask for our references.


4850 € fix (excl. VAT)

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