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Usecase: behavioral tracker (data ownership)

Personal Profile

Mediafin (De Tijd / L’Echo) is the leading financial publisher in Belgium, approaching 6 million readers, with different brands in portfolio, covering financial news, company data, investment newsletters, personal finance products, luxury magazines, etc.


What we did


Mediafin was one of the first publishers to actively search for solutions to install a business model of subscription & advertising. Personalization evolved from smart paywalls to the philosophy of “the right content at the right time” throughout the customer’s preferred channel of communication. Only an independent provider of behavioral user data which is fully integrated in the typical complex architecture of a publisher could meet those expectations.


  • What started as a pilot with the user behavior tracking of sub brands as &, the tracker quickly became the standard within Mediafin for all departments (editorial, commercial, marketing, …).

  • Setting up a data lake in order to feed the internal data team was the next logic step

  • Dashboards for business reporting and product insights and a full replacement of Google Analytics by custom dashboards & custom dashboards for single user views

  • Auto-segmentation: permanent updating of user profiles, based on real time behavioral tracker

  • Actionable user data for marketing and personalization (connectors: Salesforce, Hubspot, Qlik, Froomle, Smartocto, …)


  • Agnostic behavioral tracker in full ownership of the client which assures full control over raw data

  • (Anonymized) user data circulates in real time within the company & feeds all software that benefits from it (reporting, auto-segmentation, marketing automation, content recommendations, ad distribution, CRM, CDP, etc.)


  • Content recommendations & channel distribution: the right content on the right channel for the right person

  • Performance of the segments increased. Existing segments get permanently updated, new segments get created based on serendipity insights due to the behavioral tracker.

  • The latest realization is the silent replacement of Google Analytics by internal custom dashboards, fed by the fully owned raw data

"As an innovative media company, we are an early adopter of new technologies. To minimize the impact on our architecture, we independently track our user data. This is how we feed purchased software, not the other way around. This allows us to maintain control over our user data, which we use to the maximum extent possible internally. It's a mindset that leads to faster delivery of data projects and a higher return on our investments."

Kris Van Rossem, IT manager Mediafin

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0498 50 62 01

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