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stop churn, automate engagement

-data engineering for subscription businesses-

Subscription models promise sustainable income streams, but they demand more than just implementation. They require a long-term, data-driven strategy, as these models grow slowly and necessitate a shift in organizational mindset. Success hinges on crafting a sustainable roadmap. At investdata, we specialize in guiding businesses through this intricate journey, ensuring every step aligns with best practices and future growth.

How Investdata helps you:


  1. Business strategy & data-analysis on subscription management

  2. Behavioral data feed to enrich & automate your internal tooling

  3. Integration of dataflows in your present IT-architecture

  4. Staffing for operational roll-out or team-support 

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"We listen to your subscribers. Through their data, we make their voices heard."

topics we love

stop losing subscribers

We offer insights on your audience by connecting fragmented datasets in a single engagement metric. Who's a hot prospect, which subscribers are cooling down, which renewals are in churn-danger-zone, etc.? Stop losing subscribers by ignoring their engagement on your channels. stop missing conversions by missing their intentions. Our AI-backed tooling helps you to see the patterns that your prospects or customers leave on your channels. We help you to read them and we automate the actions to save them. Through an agnostic open data platform based on first party data, we help you intercept the behaviors that are valuable to your business.

Against a background of tighter privacy concerns & raising ad blockers, the challenge, but also the importance, of bringing a personalized message keeps growing. We have successfully set up personalisation tracks at clients using real time data, to recommend content or show a next best offer while ensuring that all interactions are recorded in your CRM system.
You can monitor and measure the success via realtime dashboards or via the chatbots.
At all times, we respect the rising privacy concerns of your customer with modern privacy tools.

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Let us challenge the sustainability of your next data project, based on our best practices. It's a small step for your project but a big difference for your business


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Jonas Eraly,

Since we show – in real time- personalized messages to our customers, we anticipate significantly on call-center costs & churn


Kris Van Rossem,

We maintain control over our user data. It's a mindset that leads to faster delivery of data projects and a higher return on our data investments

steve deplacie_edited.jpg

Steve Deplacie, openthebox

The engagement metrics have given us unprecedented control over our product

full ownership

Reclaim ownership of user data that is locked in third party tooling like Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Analytics and others. Our agnostic tracker guarantees full raw data at your disposal.

activate your users

Centralize all your user data in a single source of truth. We add engagement metrics and actionable dashboards. Be ready for real time processing, syncing and activation.

climb the AI-pyramid

Fast integration with your existing technology stack. 

Your raw user data is prepared for internal circulation and AI-tooling.

chat with your data

All your owned user data is secure & privacy proof for deep analysis. Our dashboards come with an AI-chatbot above your datasets.

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Challenge your ambition

Request a custom audit. Challenge your innovation on 4 critical audience topics: identification, segmentation, activation & ownership.


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