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Usecase: conversion increase & churn reduction

Personal Profile

Openthebox is a scale-up company that offers company data via subscriptions for various applications in the business world (prospecting, sales, M&A, KYC, compliance, risk,...). Fast conversions, efficient trials and low churn are key to maintaining traction in the growth story of an innovative AI product in a mature market.


What we did


  • a catch-up with regard to reporting on product usage, audience behavior and subscription churn.

  • centralize all user data & folders based on unique keys (given server-based tracking)

  • Setting up actionable metrics & exporting corresponding selections in the context of marketing automation


  • Dashboarding to bring together product & audience insights

  • Engagement metric as a benchmark for segment performance

  • Engagement scores per segment. Underperforming users within a segment receive different activations than overperforming users.

  • feeding segments with data points that lead to differentiated activations per (sub)segment in real time

  • optimizing data flows in architecture by setting up links between systems so that user data can circulate fully


  • Engagement metric as a benchmark for anomalous behavior within & between segments

  • integration & connectors (hubspot, matomo, qlik, metabase, stripe)

  • dashboards


  • doubling in CTR of mail communications thanks to finer segmentation

  • doubled conversion with detected hot prospects (based on engagement metric)

  • halving of churn in high-risk segment (based on engagement metric)

we transformed from an IT-driven startup into a data-driven commercial scale-up. The engagement metrics have given us unprecedented control over our product, user segments, and conversion funnels, doubling our email CTR, converting hot prospects at twice the rate, and halving churn in high risk segments.

Steve Deplacie, managing director openthebox

contact our project lead

0474 84 28 60

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