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To own or not to own, that's the question

In light of Google sunsetting their Universal Analytics program you should ask yourself: will I upgrade to Google Analytics V4 or is it time to collect and store this data myself? There are several reasons why you don't want to externalize your behavioral tracking any longer.

From a compliance point of view:
  • GDPR complexity: you need to list all the parties you share data with

  • Data location: is data stored in a location that is compliant with local laws

  • Opt-outs prohibit tracking from external parties

From a technical point of view:
  • No possibility to cross the data in your dashboards with other data sources (fragmentation of datasets)

  • Sampled data when reporting gets too voluminous, even in paid versions

  • Data is locked in the tool; no export of raw data possible (e.g. Hubspot, GA, ... )

  • Browsers often block tags from external partners (e.g. GA) which leads to holes in your datasets

From a commercial point of view:
  • Analytical reports are often based on anonymous data (no addressable audience behind the numbers)

  • Limited or no personalization possible (real time messages, NextBestOffers, etc.)

  • Custom dashboards based on internal use cases are not possible (tools have their customization limits)

  • No ownership of data. Free tools like Google Analytics use your data to help others do better target audiences and personalize ads. These "others" might include your own competitors. If the product is free, you're the product. Refer to Google's privacy policy.

So what to do?

The moment has come to collect behavioral data from your own channels (web, app, mail, ...) and start building a private data strategy.

Building a strategy shouldn't be complex if you follow the right steps up to the top. Based on our best practices, we will help you to document your 'hierarchy of needs' (as explained by Monica Rogati):

  • What datapoints feed your business?

  • Where to find those points and how to collect?

  • How and where to store the data?

  • Which internal systems should receive the data in order to activate next-best-offers?

  • How to install monitoring and permanent improvement?

But what about my analytics reports? I need those!

Off course you need them and collecting your own data doesn't mean you no longer have analytics.

On the contrary, with your private owned data, you can report much more in depth. You can tailor your dashboards in a way they show the attribution of profitable segments and the way they contribute to your business-KPI's.

Are you looking for a private & sustainable alternative for Google Analytics, gifted with:

  • Privacy- and futureproof tracking of all your channels (web, app, mail, podcast, ...)

  • Unique mix of product and user behavior (who uses what feature?)

  • Identified data (addressable ID's behind the numbers)

  • Segmentation of your audience (based on user behavior)

  • Real time & personalized interaction with your user within the same session (e.g. retention messages or promotions)

  • Centralized data (one master with permanent syncing of other systems (real time or batch))

  • Fully owned datasets, ready to pair with other tools in your landscape

  • Consolidation & higher return of your existing martech-architecture

  • A business return on data investments

  • An affordable plug & play integration

I might be convinced, what's next?

Investdata has a solution based on the Opensource version of Snowplow. We centralize and prepare your user data for further distribution in your organization. CRM, CDP, ERP, martech, ... all tools are fed in real time from a complete and centralized data lake. Get in touch for an inspirational chat, a certified audit, a second opinion or for a jump start in your data adventure based on our best practices.


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