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Personalization done right

-more ownership, better return-

Activate your precious audience through sharp profiles & refined programs. As typical analytical tools reach their privacy limits, it's time to build a secure network around your users. Own the userdata you collect in a sustainable way through behavioral tracking & nextgen privacy tools.

Investdata helps you with your customer data  management by building strategic roadmaps for your internal usecases. Combined with an operational roll-out, focusing on consolidation of your present IT-architecture. Check our services page for more information.


Innovation starts with consolidation.  Build upon existing platforms with add-ons.


Fast integrations on your existing technology.

No waste of time on implementations & setups


Claim the ownership of your data & secure your ecosystem 


Innovate through consolidation of your existing data. Grow step by step.

We make your audience addressable

We've got what you need. Tell us about your ambitions or search our catalogue for missing building blocks in your data architecture.

Think big, start small, scale fast. Begin with small usecases that generate instant success.


Dashboards help to share insights & successes. Get them customised to your own business drivers.


Userfriendly tracking methods for online & offline events


Scale your ambitions. Data projects are a good reason for upgrading to the cloud.


Batch or realtime? Both have their value. Let us challenge your needs!


Think beyond GDPR and use tracked information to strenghten the relation with your customer


Our engineering, your consolidation

We've got what you need. Select the components you miss in your road map. Contact us for further documentation.


We are an open data platform. Not a blackbox that ignores your existing IT landscape. We prefer to integrate and connect with your existing and familiar systems. This ensures the best transition during introduction of the platform. But the most important of all is that we are an independent software provider that puts the ownership of data where it belongs: with you and your end customers.

Against a background of tighter privacy concerns & raising ad blockers, the challenge, but also the importance, of bringing a personalized message keeps growing. We have successfully set up personalisation tracks at clients using real time data, to recommend content or show a next best offer while ensuring that all interactions are recorded in your CRM system.
You can monitor and measure the success via reports and dashboards.
At all times, we respect the rising privacy concerns of your customer with modern privacy tools.


Read more about our product offer

Let us challenge the sustainability of your next data project, based on our best practices. It's a small step for your project but a big difference for your business


Read more about our certified personalization audit

They trust us


Challenge your ambition

Request a custom audit. Challenge your innovation on 4 critical personalization topics: identification, segmentation, activation & ownership. With the compensation of KMO-portefeuille for concerned companies. 


Challenge us

Thank you, we'll get back to you!

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